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A DUBLIN CHRISTMAS CAROL - is a modern day retelling of Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. It is set in present-day Dublin, where homelessness is an ever-present scourge. 

Ebenezer Scrooge is a fabulously wealthy property developer who despises the poor who clutter up the pavement outside his office. And Scrooge has no time for the celebrations that surround him on Christmas Eve, as the ghosts of his past, present & future come to pay him a visit that will forever change his life and his views on humanity. Indeed, A Dublin Christmas Carol challenges us all to reassess the way we view and treat our fellow human beings.

The opening scenes will be shoot and broadcast this Christmas as a short film, (see above) with the full movie being premiered at Christmas, 2021.

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Pre-Production Team

Kevin Flanagan


Kevin Flanagan is actor, writer and producer. He is producing A Dublin Christmas Carol and is playing the role of Scrooge.

Sebastian Stephenson

Associate Producer

Sebastian Stephenson is a freelance journalist, voice over artist and actor. He is associate producer and is playing the role of Fred.


Philip Kidd is the director of A Dublin Christmas Carol. He is the co-founder of Idiosync Films.


Philip Kidd


Chris Nolan is playing the role of Charitable Gent.

Chris Nolan


Charitable Gent

Charlotte Keating is playing the role of Bobbit Crachit

Charlotte Keating 


Bobbit Crachit

Liam Hall Walshe is playing the role of Driver

Liam Hall Walshe




Editor - Chiara Provenzano

Special Effects - Maeve Shiels

Camera Operator - Kate Horvath

Sound Engineer  - Graham Davy

Original Music - Emer Landers

Wardrobe - Julie Rose McCormick

Social Media Manager - Lucila Senna

Special Thanks - Jay Boyle

Special Guest: John Gorman

John Gorman talks about what he is most looking forward to with his part in A Dublin Christmas Carol

JOHN GORMAN is a forty year-old Dubliner who has lived on the streets of the capital most of his adult life. He met Kevin Flanagan, the producer of A DUBLIN CHRISTMAS CAROL while attending The Knights Run - a charity that offers medical aid, support and friendship to Dublin’s homeless community. 

Kevin, a volunteer with The Knights Run, asked John to appear in the modern day retelling of Charles Dickens classic tale, set in present-day Dublin, where homelessness is an ever-present scourge. 

John was delighted to accept and plays himself. His role is pivotal to the movie, as it shows Ebenezer Scrooge's journey from despising the homeless to regarding them as his brother and sister. All with a little help, of course, from the ghosts of his past, present & future!